Expressions of interest

The role of Warden for the Pilsdon Community is one of those rare and exciting opportunities for someone who can really understand our way of life. Completely counter cultural, the daily rhythm of prayer, practical work and offering of hospitality is lived out in the midst of a safe and beautiful rural environment.

Our 17th Century Manor house, converted barns, loose boxes, gardens and land create a tangible sense of peace, hard to achieve in the modern world. Everything runs by bells that mark the contemplative prayer life and meal times. People come to share our life for supported housing and receive wonderful extras and opportunities. Everyone will have had serious problems, mental ill health, addiction, an inability to live in the secular world and need the shelter of a safe environment to thrive.

The approach is always radically inclusive and non-judgemental with a real focus on everyone’s potential and developing skills; inspired by permaculture our gardens and small holding provide much of our food throughout the year and offer all an opportunity to work with animals and the land. The Warden is the pastoral, strategic lead and spiritual vision keeper together with Members who form the Leadership Team.

The Operations Manager, a new role, frees the Warden from much of the administration and especially plant project management, enabling them to concentrate on the community, its thriving and its safety. A ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’ natural leader, the Warden is someone who can hold firm boundaries when it comes to keeping the few rules we have, a dry and drug free safe community where an inherent respect for everyone is expected.

The next Warden will be someone who will want to take time to build trust and come with a willingness to learn from the Members, the people who have made their home here, and those who come to live this life with us while they find a way to rebuild their lives. Not a professional therapeutic community we nevertheless know everyone can find health restored, a renewed sense of dignity and transformation here.

Well supported by our Trustees and a large extended community, there are over a thousand on our mailing lists. The community is financially sound and we are grateful to the many donors who support us.

Anyone seriously interested is invited initially to email their CV and write a side of A4 outlining why they would like to apply to  by Friday 19th May 2023.

Following initial short listing suitable candidates will be invited to visit the community for two days, with their partner and family if appropriate, prior to being invited to make a formal application.

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