Volunteering at Pilsdon can take many different forms. Most volunteers live at Pilsdon for a period of between 6-12 months, whilst others who live locally come and support community life as ‘day volunteers.

Residential volunteers share fully in the life of the community which could mean cooking dinner for 25 people, leading prayers in one of the 4 daily offices in the church, milking, washing up or cleaning floors. Underpinning this practical work is an ethos of ‘living alongside and serving one another’. One important implication of this is that Volunteers share the same house rules as Guests and Visitors in terms of Pilsdon being a dry house. The concept of ‘living alongside’ removes Volunteers from the conventional workplace: boundaries between ‘off duty’ and ‘on duty’ are often blurred and a six-day working week operates, which means days tend to be long. Volunteers need to be able to feel comfortable participating fully in community life, which can often be emotionally and physically challenging, as well as have a good level of self-awareness and to be able to take responsibility for planning their own leisure and rest periods.

Day volunteers support many aspects of community life including cooking, gardening, care of livestock and building maintenance.

If you would like more information about volunteering at Pilsdon Community please fill in the volunteer form  and return it to the postal or email address below.