Pilsdon offers a safe space for rebuilding confidence and a sense of purpose. Guests at Pilsdon come for a period of several months or even years and in this time we aim to walk alongside and support people through a challenging period in their lives.

Guests are required to participate in the working life of the community, bringing their skills and abilities for the benefit of all. There are also opportunities to learn and develop new skills and Pilsdon can support some specialised training. Guests play an important part in the warm welcome and hospitality that is offered to our visitors and, should they wish to, are also free to participate in the worship life of the community.

Guests at Pilsdon will often be in recovery from alcoholism or other addictions, or perhaps living with fragile mental health or have recently experienced a bereavement, marital breakdown or other life crisis.

All of our Guests are asked to go through a standard application process which involves a written application, where 2 references will be requested. If this first stage is completed satisfactorily then the applicant is invited for a week long trial visit at the end of which a final decision will be reached jointly by Pilsdon and the applicant.

We aim to make Pilsdon a safe place for those who live here. We do not accept people who have a history of, or convictions for sexual abuse, arson or non-drug /alcohol related violence. We also regret we cannot accept anyone under the age of 18.

We ask Guests to pay rent and their keep on a weekly basis and this can be paid from a private income source or through benefits. Pilsdon is a ‘dry’ community which means no alcohol or illicit drugs are permitted to be consumed or used by anyone at Pilsdon either on or off the premises.

If you would like to make an application to come to Pilsdon as a Guest please, complete and return the appropriate application form or telephone the office for an initial conversation.

Guest Application Form link Guest Application Form