Respite & Retreat Visitors

Pilsdon is pleased to welcome Respite and Retreat Visitors for stays of just a few days or a week.

Respite Visitors are perhaps living with long term health problems or have experienced a life crisis, but are not in a position to become a longer term Guest. People in this situation are very welcome to make application for occasional short, or one-off residential, visits.

Retreat Visitors are welcome to come to Pilsdon and explore a vocation to community living or perhaps just to spend time in prayer and reflection in the context of a shared common life. We are keen to encourage potential retreat visitors, although we are unable to offer formal ‘led retreats’ or to provide counselling.

For all visitors we offer a brief stay within the community; an opportunity to relax and join our common life of prayer, hospitality and work. This may include opportunities to join in the day-to-day work in the gardens, on the farm or in the kitchen.  Our worship and spirituality is Anglican by foundation but ecumenical in expression and people of any faith, or none, are made welcome.

If you would like to come to Pilsdon for Retreat then please complete this form Retreat Visitor Application 2022

Or if you would like to come to Pilsdon as a Respite Visitor then please complete this form Respite Application form 2022 and send it to the address below.