A message from the Community

Welcome to our community website. We hope you can find everything you need to know more about us and to keep in touch.

The Pilsdon Community was founded in 1958 by Percy and Gaynor Smith and it has welcomed people ever since.

Our life is centred on the disciplines of prayer, hospitality and work. We feel that the people who began the community at Pilsdon captured the essence of the Gospel of Christ and many people have endeavoured to live it out ever since.

We are a radically inclusive community and hold our love of people, social justice, our care for the environment in a woven way that respects the need for a minimum of rules to support and protect us all.

People who come to live alongside us are generally struggling. They may be experiencing mental health problems, recovering from addiction or a life crisis. We offer a space which provides an opportunity for them to find their way through the problems they are facing.

Though we are not a ‘therapeutic’ community in a professional sense many do find healing here. Our living and working together is held within a life of regular prayer and fellowship and gives an opportunity for us all to face things that need to be faced. We can begin to accept things we cannot change and find ways of living life differently so as to become more aware of the patterns that keep us bound. Our rhythm of life offers a freedom where we learn to receive from others and share our gifts for the overall good of everyone who lives here.

Many friendships have been forged here and people come back year after year to visit us and to help us celebrate our anniversary in October.

We do not ‘expect’ anyone to join us in worship though some people do find that their spirituality opens up or begins to deepen whilst they live here.

We are actively seeking new members and residential volunteers. Please look at the section above to find out more and let other people know about us. Maybe you know someone who would welcome an opportunity to live life differently? Could it be you?

Please would you also consider making a donation to us? Pilsdon has continued to thrive through the generosity of many thousands of people and we are profoundly grateful for any support you may be able to give us. Thank you.

Rev Sue Langdon (Warden, 2019-2023)