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Over the course of a calendar year many different people visit Pilsdon. Some come for just a few hours, many stay over night and others stay for months. This is the nature of Pilsdon and reflective of our aim to offer hospitality and space to those who find themselves in need at a specific time in their lives.

People come from many different situations, backgrounds and life experiences and for numerous different reasons. The various descriptions in the drop down menu indicate and reflect the wide range of visitors we have and hopefully will be helpful in guiding you to our door.

Guests are those who come for a longer term stay and are often recovering from alcoholism, addiction, have fragile mental health or experiencing a life crisis.

Members  are the core team who lead and run the community alongside the Warden.

Respite Visitor could either be an individual who has experienced a life crisis and needs short term space and time out or a Retreat Visitor is someone who may be exploring a vocation to community living or simply seeking a period of prayer and reflection.

Most Volunteers live at Pilsdon for a period of between 6-12 months, whilst others who live locally come and support community life as ‘day volunteers.

Wayfarers come to Pilsdon for a night or weekend stay and can be offered hospitality of a six week cycle.

Pilsdon is a dry community, therefore the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs on or off the premises during anyone’s stay is not allowed any circumstances.

At Pilsdon there is regular co-operation with health and support services such as the local doctors’ surgery, the Community Mental Health team in Bridport, Dorset Drug and Alcohol Advisory Service, Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you would like any further information about visiting Pilsdon please do not hesitate to get in touch directly by using the contact details outlined below.

Here is a copy of our safeguarding policy  Pilsdon Safeguarding Policy