About Us

A message from Rev Sue Langdon, Warden of The Pilsdon Community:

Thank you for taking the time to find out about The Pilsdon Community.

Pilsdon was founded in 1958 to be a community of prayer, hospitality and work. Today the same ethos prevails and Pilsdon provides a place for people from all walks of life to come together and share a common life.

Pilsdon has an open door to those who need refuge at a particular point in their life – some come whilst recovering from alcoholism or addiction, others coping with mental illness or following a crisis point in their life. We are able to offer periods of respite for people who may need space for recuperation in the supportive and caring environment of Pilsdon. The community also offers hospitality to wayfarers and people who are homeless.  In this situation people are welcome to stay for a night during the week or over a weekend, once every six weeks.

We also enjoy hosting visits from those exploring a vocation to community life. Often these visitors may want to spend time with us in prayer and reflection as they seek God for the next step in their life and who view actively participating in our common life together as part of that journey.

Whatever your life story to this point or from wherever you come I hope the common life we share here at Pilsdon interests and inspires you to join with us in some way.