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We are delighted to let you know about our new book ‘Living Life in Common: Stories from the Pilsdon Community’. Written by Marian Barnes, Mary Davies and David Prior. The book is based on the interviews for the Heritage Lottery Funded oral history project for our 60th Anniversary celebration which was led by Mary Davies, who has been a Member here for nearly six years. Marian and David have been coming to support the community as volunteers for over three years now. All have tremendous backgrounds and experience as you will see when you come to read the book.

Here is what some of the people who have endorsed the book have said…

(This book)…captures the atmosphere, inspirations, characters and challenges of a community. There is so much wisdom, humour and earthiness. It made me realise how vital Pilsdon is as an alternative ( or complement ) to professionalised, clinical mental health provision. Tobias Jones, author of ‘Utopian Dreams’ and ‘A place of Refuge’

On a rare day you come across a book which truly lifts your spirits. This is one – a story of community development, faith, human compassion and adaptation over the last sixty years. Sue Balloch, Emeritus Professor of Health and Social Care, University of Brighton

Pilsdon is like a treasure buried in a field. Hidden in the Marshwood Vale, to arrive is to be embraced by the peace of the place, the slow unhurried rhythms of the earth’s cycle and the warmth of a community at ease with itself. The Rt Rev’d David Stancliffe, Former Bishop of Salisbury.

You may laugh, you may weep but you will definitely be moved and encouraged by the people who tell their story of their lives and of their life in this community over all the years.

We are, including the authors, hoping you will buy the book from us at Pilsdon so the community will benefit financially.

If you would like a copy of the book priced at £15.00 including postage, give us a ring or please click on this Order Form and complete the details

Thank you and every blessing, Sue

Rev Sue Langdon

Warden for the Pilsdon Community

‘Love by its very nature cannot be forced on the mind. It must sing its way into the heart.’ 

Percy Smith, Founder and Warden, 1958-1980


60 Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

In 2018 The Pilsdon Community celebrated it’s 60th year. With the help of a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund we started work on a project to capture an oral history of the community.

Having recorded over 60 hours of conversations and interviews with over 40 past wardens, members, volunteers, trustees, guests and wayfarers, we used the Anniversary as a time to tell Pilsdon’s 60 year history: through a meditative walk using quotations from the interviews, with an exhibition in the Memory Shed, and through the development and performance of a play.

We are happy that so many people were able to come and participate in the activities of that day. We have put together a commemorative booklet which we hope captures the spirit of the occasion and honours the stories of the people who shared their Pilsdon experiences with us through the project. You can download it here. If you would like a hard copy of the booklet please get in touch with us.