Since 1958, the Pilsdon Community has been offering a refuge to people in crisis, welcoming those from all backgrounds and from many different walks of life – whether young or old, rich or poor. Pilsdon is a community that shares a common life of prayer, hospitality and work, providing an environment of acceptance and friendship where people can begin to rebuild their lives.

The community also welcomes people who wish to find a time to reflect on their lives before making a change in direction, or who just want time-out to share a common life, as part of a Christian community.

To all who come to Pilsdon we offer friendship, hospitality and acceptance. At any one time, Pilsdon is home to an average of twenty-five people and everyone who stays at Pilsdon – whether guest, visitor,  wayfarer, volunteer or community member – is invited to participate fully in the working and worship life of the Community.