New Building Project

Over many years the Pilsdon Community has done a brilliant job of concentrating on upgrading accommodation for the people who come to share their lives with us. The East Wing single ensuite accommodation has been a great success and Wayfarers are now welcomed into a warm and private space.



We now urgently need to offer better accommodation to those who come to be members as part of the 24/7 leadership team. One log cabin is unfit for habitation and was condemned two years ago. The other, a static caravan, is old, leaky, draughty and environmentally way below the standards we should be offering to people who are exploring membership here.


We received planning permission for one U-shaped building with two or three units of flexible accommodation, and began work at the end of February. The new building will make best use of the land, is much more in keeping with its surroundings, is environmentally friendly and will enhance the lives of those who come to serve the community. 

The plans below give an idea of what it will look like, offering versatile accommodation for members and their families.

As you may know, there are only three of us in the leadership team at present. Though we are in good heart, we know this is unsustainable long term, so it is a priority that we attract more people to share this wonderful life with us by improving the accommodation we can offer.

Our trustees and friends of the community are fully supporting the project and have taken the lead in raising funds to ensure the project proceeds. As well as receiving a generous legacy of £172,000, we have approached various charitable trusts. Thus far we have been awarded £68,000 from three trusts, The Alice Ellen Cooper-Dean Charitable Foundation (£40,000), The Allchurches Trust (£8,000) and The Bernard Sunley Trust (£20,000). We have to date also received over £7,000 from individual friends of the community.

We need a further £60,000 to cover the expected total cost of the project, which will be completed this year. Please help us financially with what you can. No gift is too small.

We are taking a leap of faith and wonder if you will leap with us. We pray every day to be given what we need, and we invite you to be part of this.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or would like more information: 01308 868308 or Thank you so much.

The Revd Sue Langdon, Pilsdon Community Warden 

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