A New Warden for the Pilsdon Community

‘Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant’

A new Warden has been appointed to take up the position so ably held by the Rev Michael Deegan for seven years when he retires in September.

The Rev Sue Langdon has lived and worked locally for many years and has been a friend of Pilsdon serving as both a Member of the Community and also taking services regularly. She was a senior nurse in Guernsey before she began her family and became a member of the government there for many years representing health. She was ordained in Salisbury 2003 and has extensive experience as a Retreat Guide and Spiritual Accompanier to clergy and laity from across the Southwest; running workshops for the Diocese as well as taking Sunday services locally.

Chair of Trustees, Andrew Davey, said: “We were delighted to receive the application from Sue and even more pleased that she agreed to take up the role. Michael has been a dedicated and much loved Warden and has brought the Community through a great period of change including alterations to funding systems and the upgrade of many of the facilities at Pilsdon. His extremely dry sense of humour delivered in an American lilt will be sorely missed, but we hope he will not be travelling too far from the area”.

Retiring Warden, the Revd Michael Deegan, said: “I came to Pilsdon without really understanding how it worked and only knew it by its reputation. The community has formed me and challenged me in ways I could not have imagined, and I hope I am leaving it with the spirit it greeted me with. I know Sue will bring a life and direction that only she can give. It is true, Pilsdon receives the leader it needs for the life it lives today”.